A Family


It was back in 2012 when our modern approach was matched with the years long experience of olive oil producers that runs in our family, when our heritage led us to launch the LADOLEA brand under our company “Melissi”.

The name LADOLEA comes from
the combination of the two words Ladi (λάδι: meaning Olive Oil in Greek) and Elea (ἐλαίᾱ: meaning Olive Tree in ancient Greek).

We named our company “Melissi”,
after our grandfather's village

We named our company “Melissi”, after our grandfather’s village in the Peloponnese, a place where we spent our childhood summers, getting to know the beauty of the Greek land. And here we are, returning back to Melissi, where we played as kids, in those exact fields, harvesting one of the most famous Greek products. Our premium Extra Virgin olive oil.


Working with farmers that share a deep respect for the environment and a real passion for sustainable harvesting methods; they teach us every day that our continuous love for our craft is what speaks to our heart and makes our products unique.

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